Mint Phase 1 Has Ended!

Interval Airdrops

Holders receive various monthly, quarterly, and yearly passive airdrops generated from mining operations, PoS Validator Nodes, Liquidity Pools, & Metaverse Real-Estate returns! Rewards are distributed via airdrops to wallet addresses.

The Passive Play

The longer you hold, the more rewards you'll receive. By leveraging backbone block-chain and De-Fi infrastructure, the cats intend to deliver for holders over the long-term. When a Cash Cat sells on the secondary market, a portion of the resale goes back into the quarterly rewards pool. 

Real-Time Analytics

dashboards for NFT & Crypto Market Data

  • Catalyzer Crypto tool (Web Beta 6/3)

  • Catalyzer NFT tool (Web Beta 8/8)

  • Catalyzer Wallet Visualizer (Q4 Holders)

  • Catalyzer Reward Dashboard (Q4 Holders)

  • Catalyzer app iOS & Android (Q4 Hybrid)

Education & Community

Exclusive workshops & community events focused on best practices, privacy/safety, technology, and the "what's what" of web3.

"Crypto Corner" Community Discussions every Wednesday Evening 8:30est on the Cash Cat social channels!

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  • Twitter

The Satoshi Proverb "don't trust, verify" underpins the entirety of web3. We are committed to sharing, educating, learning from, and leveling with our community- through bulls and bears. Our founders are fully doxed, our near-future road map is published, and our reward activity is shared openly with holders via our catalyzer dashboard.

Supporting Mental Health

From rug pulls, to wallet scams, market volatility, and the endless 24/7 crypto cycle- this space can do a number on our mental and emotional well being. It is our philanthropical mission to cultivate a community of support and comfort for those experiencing crypto and/or IRL mental stress. We are committed to outreach and partnerships with mental health NPOs and organizations that provide critical MH support resources.


TLDR: Lite Paper & Road map

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Rewards Pool Starting Three

Transparency & Custom Dashboards

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Mint Allocation

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Hodl the cat.