Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT

It is a Non-Fungible Token, that is 1 of 1, living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How to purchase a Ca$h Cat?

You will need Ethereum, and a digital wallet (Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc). Once it is time to mint, you will need to connect your wallet, and “mint” your Cat with Ethereum. If you miss you out on the mint, you can buy a ca$h cat on secondary markets, such as or LooksRare

What is the total Supply of Ca$h Cats?

There will never be more than 3,333 Ca$h Cats

Will there be a presale?

No, there is no presale.

Are there secondary royalites?

Yes, 10% of royalties go back to the 3thinkers (Ca$h Cats development organization) for further development in the community, and the roadmap

Why should I trust Ca$h Cats? 

It is a team of real people that are passionate about NFTs, Art, generating rewards for it’s holders and more importantly, that is fully transparent in who they are, and their plans. We believe in being Authentic and Transparent in everything we do.

How can I use my Ca$h Cat NFT?

You own the rights to it, you can do whatever you’d please with it. Frame a picture, create merch, re-sell it, etc. OR simply hold it to generate  rewards.

Why should I buy a Ca$h Cat?

owning a Ca$h Cat allows you to receive ongoing reward opportunities. It is your membership into additional rewards, nft drops and investment opportunities. This project is more than just a sick piece of art but this is your invitation into various passive Crypto opportunities.